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Latin Vocab

Final Review Vocabulary

lana, lanam wool
cibus, cibum food
molestus, molestum pest
nuntius, nuntium messenger
aestas, aestatem summer
fragor, fragorem crash, noise, din
alter, altera the other
calidus, calida warm
ignavus, ignava cowardly, lazy
infirmus, infirma weak
salvus, salva safe
sollicitus, sollicita anxious, worried
solus, sola safe
temerarius, temeraria reckless
ego I
eius his, her
eos them
eum him
te you
tu you
adiuvat to help
amat to like, love
vexat to annoy
docet to teach
lucet, lucere it is light
respondet to reply
ridet to laugh
terret to frighten
timet to fear
videt to see
littera letter
vilicus overseer
frons forehead
nox, noctis night
uxor, uxoris wife
alli....alli some.....others
Cornelianus, Corneliana belonging to Cornelius
nullus, nulla no, none
paratus, parata ready, prepared
scelestus, scelesta wicked
semisomnus, semisomna half-asleep
suus, sua his, her, it's, their
celo, celare to hide
convoco, convocare to call together
exclamo, exclamare to exclaim, shout out
festino, festinare to hurry
incito, incitare to spur on, urge on
latro, latrare to bark
musso, mussare to mutter
rogo, rogare to ask
sto, stare to stand
tempto, temptare to try
soleo, solere to be accustomed to
taceo, tacere to be quiet
teneo, tenere to hold
discedo discedere
gero, gerere to wear
induo, induere to put on
inuro, inuere to brand
mitto, mittere to send
pono, ponere to put, place
promitto, promittere to promise
effugio, effugere to flee, run away
iacio, iacere to throw
olfacio, olfacere smell, catch the scent of
impedio, impedire to hinder, prevent
inveiio, invenire to come upon, find
nescio, nescire to be ignorant
abeo, abere to go away
absum, abesse to be absent
fero, ferre to bring, carry
eam her, it
mihi for me, to me
nobis for us
nos we, us
vos you
Created by: jponicki