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Unit IV Review

lana, lanam wool
aestas, aestatem summer
frogor, fragorem crash, noise, din
ignavus, ignava cowardly, lazy
occupatus, occupata busy
salvus, salva safe
temerarius, temeraria rash, reckless, bold
eius his, hers
adiuvat, adiuvant, adiuvare to help
curat, curant, curare to look after
errat, errant, errare to wander
purgat, purgant, purgare to clean
docet, docent, docere to teach
petit, petunt, petere to look for, seek
arripit, arripiunt, arripere to grab hold of, snatch
facit, faciunt, facere to make, do
advenit, adveniunt, advenire to reach, arrive
adhuc still
furtim stealthily
lente slowly
nondum not yet
non iam no longer
tamen however, never the less
tandem at last, at length
tum at that moment, then
aestate in summer
fer, ferte auxilium bring help, help!
in eadem villa in the same country house
ipsa herself
lanam trahere to spin wool
littera, -ae letter(of the alphabet)
frons, frontis forehead
uxor, uxoris wife
alii...alii some...others
semisomnus, semisomna half asleep
suus, sua his, her, its, their (own)
celo, celare to hide
convoco, convocare to call together
excito, excitare to rouse, wake (someone else)
festino, festinare to hurry
taceo, tacere to be quiet
discedo, discedere to go away, depart
promitto, promittere to promise
nescio, nescire to be ignorant, not to know
abeo, abire to go away
eam her, it
cras tomarrow
interea meanwhile
iterum again, a second time
simul together, at the same time
complexu in an embrace
vestigium track, footprint, trace
tempus est it is time
mecum with me
in itinere on a journey
Created by: cmsnschreiber