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period 2 latin


Lana lanam wool
aestas aestatem summer
ignavus ignava cowardly lazy
temerarius temeraria rash reckless bold
adiuvat adiuvant adiuvare to help
purgat purgant purgare to clean
docet docent docere to teach
furtim stealthily
saepe often
tamen however
tandem at last at length
neque...neque neither...nor...
si if
Qualis...? what sort of...?
Quem...? Whom...?
Quo...? where to...?
dies day
in eadem villa in the same country house
alius alia another other
cornelianus corneliana belonging to cornelius
celo celare to hide
festino festinare to hurry
soleo solere to be accustomed (to) be in the habit of
discedo discedere to go away depart
induo induere to put on
inuro inuere to brand
cras tomorrow
interea meanwhile
tacite silently
quibuscum...? With whom?
Created by: zaneg