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Period 2 SRC

Boring Latin Cards

lana, lanam wool
rivus, rivum stream
aestas, aestatem summer
fragor, fragorem crash, noise, din
alter, altera a/the second, the other
ignavus, ignava cowardly, lazy
te you
tu you
appropinquare to approach
redit, redunt, redire to return
etiam also, even
furtim stealthily
iam now, already
ibi there
lente slowly
mox soon
non not
nondum not yet
non iam no longer
nunc now
saepe often
tamen however, nevertheless
tandem at last, at length
tum at that moment, then
igitur therefore
neque and ... not
neque ... neque neither, nor
si if
-ne (Indicates a question)
Qualis What sort of . . . ?
Quem Whom...?
Eheu! Alas
Eugepae Hurray!
Fer/Ferte Auxilium Bring help! Help
ipsa herself
lanam trahere to spin wool
omnia quae everything that
frons, frontis forehead
celo, celare to hide
impedio, impedire to hinder, prevent
nescio, nescire to be ignorant, not to know
cras tommorow
hic here
quando when
Quibiscum with whom
quo instrumento with what instrument? By what means? How?
Quocum With whom?
Unde From where?
eo ipse tempore at that very moment
gerere solent they are accustomed to
mecum with me
nemo no one
noli, nolite . . .excitare Dont Wake . . . Up
se himself
sedentes sitting
servus quidam a certain slave
se celare to hide
Tace/Tacete Be quiet!
Tempus est it is time
Tribus Diebus In hreee days
Vestigium track, footprint, trace
Created by: shawnc8998