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period 2 ato

final exam vocab review

muto change
lana wool
silva woods
rivus stream
aestas summer
fragor noise,crash
urbs,urbem city
calidus, calida warm
frigidus cool,cold
ignavus lazy,cowardly
infirmus weak,shaky
perterritus frightened
salvus safe
solus alone
temerarius rash
eius his,her
eos them
eum him
adiuvat to help
amat to like
curat to look after
errat to wander
docet to teach
gemit to groan
petit to look for
repellit to drive off
excipit to welcome
it,eunt,ire to go
nolit to be unwilling
vult to wish
prope rivum the stream
adhuc still
furtim stealthily
lente slowly
nondum not yet
non iam no longer
semper always
tamen however
tandem at last
igitur therefore
si if
Eugepae Hurray!
Fer/Ferte auxilium Bring help! Help!
in eadem villa in the same country house
ipsa herself
lanam trahere to spin wool
magna voce in a loud voice
nomine by name,called
omnia quae everything that
littera letter
palla palla
porta gate
toga praetexta toga with purple border
toga virilis toga of manhood
vilicus overseer
frons forehead
nox night
uxor wife
alius other
nullus no,none
Created by: Olivieri2