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Per. 2 MM

Latin vocab for exam

Iana, Ianam wool
Piscina, piscinam fishpond
statua, statuam statue
nuntius, nuntium messenger
ramus, ramum branch
rivus rivum stream
vir, virum man
fragor, fragorem crash noise
vox, vocem voice
alter, altera a second, the second
britannicus britannica british
calidus, calida warm
defessus defessa tired
frigidus, frigida cool cold
ignavus ignava cowardly, lazy
infirmus, infirma weak shaky
laetus leata happy glad
occupatus busy
perterritus frightened, terrified
salvus, salva safe
sollicitus, solicita worried anxious
solus, sloa alone
strenuus strenua active energentic
temerarius temeraria rash reckless bold
vicinus vicina neighboring
ego i
eius his, her
eos them
eum him
me me
quae who
qui who
te you
tu you
adiuvat, adiuvant to help
approquinquant to approach
curat, curant, curare to look after, take care of
portat to carry
purgat, purgant, purgare to clean
vexat vexant vexare to annoy
docet docent docere to teach
lucet lucere it is light, it is day
ridet rident ridere to laugh, smile
sedet sedent sedere to sit
terret terrent to frighten, terrify
timet timent timere fear, be afraid
asendit ascendunt to climb
cadit cadunt to fall
consulit, consulunt to consult
coquit coquunt to cook
descendere to come, go down ,climb down
legit legunt to read
petit petunt to look for, seek
repellit to drive off
reprehendit blame scold
gemit, gemunt groan
surgit surgunt to get up
tradit, tradunt to hand over
arripit arripiunt to grab hold of
conspicit, conspiciunt to catch sight of
excipit, excipiunt to welcome
facit make or do
advenit to reach arrive
est, sunt, esse to be
it, eunt, ire to go
Created by: marissa marfurt