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ms. mac exam

developed country great deal of manufacturing
developing country working toward industrialization
emigrate to move to another country
free enterprise people start and run the government
hydroelectric power electricity made by water
internet the world wide web
minority group share most of the wealth and power
population density avg. number of people in a square mile
representative democracy people elect their leaders
buddhism religion that follows buddah
communism based on teachings of karl marx
monarchy king and queen rule
market economy free market economy
traditional economy normal economy
socialism businesses owned and run by the government
absolute monarchy all monarchy
constitutional monarchy king and queen are head of state but there is a constitution
dictatorship one powerful leader
nonrenewable resources natural resource that can not be regrown or remade
pesticides chemicals that kill pests
Amazon Basin where the Amazon drains into the atlantic ocean
chile longest country in South america
haiti an island in the carribean
llanos grassy plains
brazil biggest country in south america
columbias exports potatoes
caribbean islands-made of a chain of islands
4 regions in uk wales, scotland, england NI
purpose of european union to keep peace in europe
uk imports food from poor farmland
basis for iceland economy fishing
climate in norway-what effects north atlantic current and warm
france exports food
main religion eastern europe roman catholic
karot wojtyla pope john paul
russian continents asia and europe
caspian seea largest inland body of water
lake baikal largest lake in the world
siberia one of the coldest climates on teh earth
volga europes largest river
fertile crescent body of land between the persian gulf and mediterranean sea
mesopotamia land between two rivers
akkad first empire
babylon first kingdom
phoenicians developed and alphabet and good sailors
sumer first city state
christianity middle main religion-follows God
judiasm oldest religion-follows Yaweah
islam newest religion-follows Allah
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