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advanced microscopy


Yeast cells circular to oval when budding there is a single bud thick cell wall
Red blood cell can be confused with yeast smaller than WBC, slightly larger and more uniform than yeast possess a cell membrane
White blood cell larger than RBC approximate size of nucleus of squamous epithelial cell characterized by multi-lobed nucleus on high power
Clue cells squamous epithelial cells that have a thick covering of bacterial cells and is associated with BV traditional definition--> bacterial overgrowth so thick that all cell detail totally obscured
artifact cell that has folded on self lack of cellular elements
pseudohyphae fragile tube like structures that arise through elongation of the yeast form of candida side walls parallel to each other (important in separating from artifact whose side walls vary in width
sperm tapered tail with an oval head
trichomonas parasitic protozoa motile die within 10 minutes of specimen collection flatten when grown in culture medium 4 flagella forward and 5th facing backward which attaches to an undulating membrane
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