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Laser Therapy


Light therapy applicator with multiple diodes that may be any combination of laser diodes, LEDs or SLDs Cluster Probe
Occurs when a photon hits an atom that is already excited Stimulated Emission
Light source that uses semiconductor diode technology to produce high power light in a narrow frequency range supra luminous diode
electromagnetic radiation with wavelength from ultra violet radiation
light that spreads; the opposite of collimated divergent light
light of single frequency, wavelength, and color monochromatic
electromagnetic radiation that can penetrate cells and displace electrons from atoms or molecules to create ions ionizing radiation
light in which all the waves are in phase with each other, lasers produce coherent light coherent light
total amount of electromagnetic energy delivered per unit area over the entire treatment time energy density
light with parallel waves directional light
light-absorbing parts of a molecule that give it its color chromophores
number of waves per unit time, generally measured in hertz frequency
application of shortwave or microwave electromagnetic energy to produce heat within tissues, particularly deep tissues diathermy
the length of a wave of light from peak to peak determines frequency and color wavelength
variability of light intensity that occurs when a coherent light illuminates a rough object speckling
stimulatory or inhibitory effects on the body caused by light phototherapy; the therapeutic use of light photobiomodulation
directional light (collimated) is light with parallel waves true
monochromatic laser
used primarily to treat psoriasis UV light
POC states light therapy for superficial heat, the best choice is infrared
unite of measurement of POWER milliWatts (mW)
Energy equation power x time
giving an inservice to your clinical instructor on light, you tell them the range of power used for light is 5-500 mW
treating chronic soft tissue inflammation with light therapy, the dose range would be ? than for chronic arthritis higher
what is a contraindication for light therapy treatment area is the sternocleidomastoid
non-thermal effects of light inhibits bacterial growth
treating a pt with UV, erythema should disappear with ? after exposure 24 hours
erythema is redness of the skin
it is ok to begin treatment with sunglasses false
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