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Geography test study

Not on all geography

What are the 3 types of agriculture? explain Commercial is farming that produces a large amount of crops and livestock. Specialized is commercial farming focused on one product. Subsistence makes only enough for the farm family.
The different types of climates. Polar climate, tropical climates, and temperate climates.
What are the effects of natural disasters? Natural disasters such as typhoons, volcanoes, hurricanes, and tsunamis all effect people and the environment because it can spread diseases, ruin vegetation and kill many people.
The 6 main factors that effect the climate. Air Mases Latitude Altitude Prevailing Winds Distance from Oceans Ocean Currents Great Mountain Barriers
Difference between weather and climate? Weather is a day to day variation of the temperature such as humidity, windy, sunny or snowy. Climate is a long term variation in a place in years, decades, and even centuries
Explain Pangaea and the Continental drift. 300 million years ago, the was a place called Pangaea where all the countries were joined together. However, the tectonic plates started to put upward pressure on the earths surface causing it to split and drift apart.
Know the 2 drainage systems. Dendritic is a tree like drainage system created if rivers cross a gradual slope over one basic type of rock. Trellis drainage is a regular drainage system created if rivers flow through alternating bands of hard and soft rock.
How do volcanoes and tectonic plates work together? The line where the tectonic plates meet is called the plate boundaries. If oceanic plates collide with the continental plates, the denser the plate will be underneath the continental plates.This is called subduction. Ocean plates melt and the rocks rise.
What is the greenhouse effect? The greenhouse effect is when the suns radiation goes into the earths atmosphere. The heat energy is then re-radiated back as a long wave radiation. The heat is then captured by the greenhouse gases and is kept in the atmosphere.
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