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7H Rocks

All about rocks

What's the name of a scientist who studies rocks? It's called a geologist.
Rocks are made of different what that fits together? It is called grains.
Each grain is made of how many chemcal? Each grain is made of one chemicle.
The chemicles in rocks are called what? It is called minerals.
What is a mixture? Two or more diferent kind of minerals that are not chemically joined to each other.
The combination of size and shapes of grains is called what? It is called texture.
What is it called when the grains of the rock are all fit together? It is called interlocking.
What is interlocking grais sometimes called? It is called crystal.
Rocks made of interlocking grains are often hard or breakable? It is often hard.
What rock is made of molten rock being cool down? It is called igneous rock.
What rock is form when existing rock are heated and squashed? It is called metamorphic rock.
What rock is form when tiny grains of existing rock became stuck together? It is called sedimentary rock.
What two type of rocks are interlocking? They are igneous and metamorphic rock.
Rocks made of rounded grains can absorb water because it can get into the what between the grains? It absorbs water get in between the rock.
What is porous? Rocks that have tiny holes in them.
What is called when water can run though the rock? It is called permeable.
Rocks can be what when you slice them thinly enough? It can be transparent.
What is chemicle reaction? A reaction which new substances are made.
Limestone and chalk are weathered easily or difficult when rain water react with them? They react easily whe rain water react with them.
Rain contains dissolved gasses from air that make it sligtly what? Which make it slightly acidic.
What is physical changes? A change that does not involve new chemicle being made.
When it is hot, the minerals in rocks will what? It will expand.
When it is cold, the minerals in rocks will what? It will contract.
What is it called when rocks are worn away or broken up by physical processes. It is called physical weathering.
What is a freeze-thaw action? When water get into a crack in a rock and freezes. The freezing water expand and makes the crack bigger.
Created by: kpham2