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7H - Rocks

What does geologist do? Study rocks.
What are the three types of rocks? Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.
What do you call rocks when their grains fit together with no gaps? Interlocking crystals.
What do you call when water can go through rocks? Permeable
What do you call when water can not go through rocks? Impermeable
What do you call when rocks when their grains are non interlocking? Porous
What do you called the combination of sizes and shapes of grains in the rock? Texture of rock.
When rain falls on to the rocks, it reacts with the minerals, what is this called? Chemical weathering
Does granite weather faster than limestone or vice versa? Granite.
Give an example of a physical change? Expansion of rock.
What is freeze thaw action? When water freezes in the cracks of the rock and then melts which make the rock break.
What is biological weathering? When the roots of the plants break the rocks apart.
What do you call the process when the rocks get transported to another place from its original? Erosion
What do you call the bits of rocks? Sediments.
When rocks get heated, what do they do? Expand.
When rocks get cooled, what do they do? Contract.
What is onion skin weathering? Is when the sheets of the rock to peel off.
What are glaciers? Rivers of ice.
What is abrasion? When the rock fragments knock against each other and wear away.
Sediments carried by water or ice are__________ when the water slows down or when the ice melts. Deposited.
How do you change from sediments into sedimentary rocks? Compaction and cementation.
What are fossils? Fossils are when dead animals or plants become covered in a layer of sediments before they rot away.
What is limestone mainly made out of? A white mineral formed from calcium carbonate
What are coal oil and natural gas? Fossil fuels.
Rocks form from sediments often have what? Layers.
Created by: nathanielvo