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Rocks and Minerals

study guide for rocks and minerals test

"Meta" means ______ "Morphosis" means ____ change, form
Metamorphic rock is created when sedimentary or igneous rock is put through extreme heat and pressure.
2 types of metamorphic rocks: Foliated(grains are in parallel layers or bands) and non-foliated (grains are arranged randomly)
Examples of foliated metamorphic rock are slate schist gneiss
Example of non-foliated metamorphic rock is quartzite
uses of metamorphic rock are chalkboards,building materials, sculptures/statues, countertops, tile
The heat that changes rock into metamorphic rock comes from rock being close to the mantle
The cooling of magma or lava forms igneous rocks
Sedimentary rocks take millions of years to create. Sedimentary rocks are formed through the process of the erosion of sediment, the deposition of sediment,compaction and cementation.
Obsidian is a type of igneous rock that is fast cooling and cools on the surface. It is an _________ rock. Extrusive
Granite is a type of rock that is slow cooling and cools in the ground. It is an _________ rock. Intrusive
Small, solid pieces of materials that come from rocks or living things sediment
The process in which sediment settles together compaction
The process when sediment settles out of the water or wind carrying it deposition
Where rock breaks down and is carried away by water, wind, or ice erosion
the process where dissolved minerals crystallize and harden cementation
Clastic Organic and Chemical are 3 types of sedimentary rocks
this type of sedimentary rock forms when minerals that are dissolved in a solution crystallize.Example is rock salt- made of halite, which forms by evaporation. Chemical
This type of sedimentary rock forms where the plants and animals are deposited in thick layers. Example is limestone. Organic
This type of sedimentary rock forms when rock fragments are squeezed together. Examples are shale and sandstone. Clastic
The name igneous comes from the Latin word meaning fire
Rocks are made up of minerals
Difference between a rock and a mineral? mineral is a naturally occuring, inorganic solid that has a crystal structure and a deffinite chemical composition.
Some minerals are made of ____ _______ (for example: gold) while othes are made of a combination of ___ or more. 1. one element. 2. two
Quartz is made up of silicon and argon
Quartz is the most common mineral
Just like minerals, rocks can be classified by their observable features.
Their are ____ ways three
Color not the best way, doesn't provide enough info.
Mineral composition being able to identify what minerals are in the rock sampple, scientists call these minerals rock-forming minerals
Texture the look and feel of the rock's surace
3 ways to describe texture: size, shape, and pattern
Using color, mineral composition, and texture we can divide rocks into three categories Igneous, Sedimentary,and Metamorphic
Igneous rock is a durable building material
Examples of things built with igneous rock include: granite statues, fortresses, building bridges, and paving streets.
Sedimentary rock is used for building materials and tools
Examples of uses of sedimentary rock: arrowheads made of flint, white house made of sandstone, limestone used in making cement and steel
grains the particles of minerals that give a rock its texture
Created by: dingotiger