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Science Revision Yr8

Science Revision for Exam (Yr8)

What is the difference between heat and temperature? We can measure temperature with a thermometer but we cannot measure the amount of heat energy something contains
What is 'convection'? The transfer of heat in fluids
What is 'conduction'? The way heat travels through solids
All the heat we get from the Sun are infrared radiation. What is this? Another name for radiation. It can travel through transparent thins and a vacuum
What are the groups that organisms in the animal kingdom are classified into? From animal kingdom to invertebrates and vertebrates. From vertebrates into mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians and birds
You can identify mosses by... No roots, no xylem, small and flat thin leaves and no cuticle
Ferns Roots, xylem, many small leaves and cuticle
Conifers Roots, xylem, needle-shaped leaves and thick cuticle
Flowering plants Roots, xylem, large and flat leaves and cuticle
What are the stage of a food web? Producer -> Herbivore -> Consumer and Carnivore -> Predator
What is the way of seperating different substances that are dissolved ina solution called? Chromatography
What classify 'metal'? It is shiny, flexible and good heat conductors, solids at room temperature and good electrical conductors
How do you know if something is non-metal? Gases or solids that melt very easily. Also, they are good heat and electrical insulators
What is 'aerobic respiration'? Oxygen + glucose -> carbon dioxide + water. Use to release energy
What is 'anarobic respiration'? Glucose -> lactic acid. Use when there is no more oxygen
Created by: anna.huynh1498