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7F Revision


What does decompose mean? It is when chemicals split up.
What is a physical change? It is when no new substances are formed.
Physical changes are ____. Reversible.
Give an example of physical changes. Ice into water.
Chemical reactions are _____. Irreversible.
How do you create a squeaky pop? Hydrogen and a lit splint.
What is usually used to power big trucks? Diesel.
What are reactants? The multiple elements used in a chemical reaction.
Rust is an example of _____. Corrosion.
What is dry ice? It is carbon dioxide as a solid.
What process does dry ice skip? Melting.
What color does lime water turn into after shaking it with carbon dioxide. Milky.
Some fireworks displays use ______. Dentonators.
Air is__ oxygen. 20%.
If you put a lit split in an jar of pure oxygen it will____. Glow.
Any metal mixed with oxygen will be called ____. Oxides.
Magnesium + Oxygen ---> Magnesium oxide.
What is the creation from the reactants called? Product.
Name the elements in the fire triangle. Oxygen,Fuel and Heat.
Burning oil will burn more furiously if ___ is added. Water.
Created by: sdavant