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Transition 2 RN wk6


Living will provides specific direction about medical treatment in the event the client in unable to make those decisions
Advanced directive legal and lay documents that tallow an individual tp specify aspects dof care if unable to make or communicate preferences
Health care proxy durable power of attorney – appoints another person to manage health care decisions when the client is unable to do so
Informed consent agreement by the client to accept a course of treatment or a procedure after being provided complete information
Liability the quality or state of being legally responsible for one’s obligations or actions
Respondeat superior employer assumes responsibility for the employee and can be held liable for malpractice
Licensure license is a legal permit allowing practice of a profession
Civil law deals with relationships among private individuals
Criminal law deals with actions against the safety and welfare of the public
Statutory law – legislation laws enacted by a legislative body
Common law laws evolving from court decisions
Tort a civil wrong committed against a person or person’s property
Negligence misconduct or practice below the standard expected of an ordinary, reasonable and prudent person
Malpractice professional negligence
Assault an attempt of threat to touch another person unjustifiably
Battery willful touching that may or may not cause harm
Defamation communication that is false and results in injury to the person
False imprisonment unjustifiable detention of a person without legal warrant to confine the person
Libel defamation by print, writing or pictures
Slander defamation by the spoken word
Breach of duty failure to observe expected standard of care
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