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inventors test

What did Alexander Fleming invent? Penicillin
What did Alexander Graham Invent ? The Telephone
What did Ann Moore invent? The Snugli Infant Carrier
What did Arthur Granjean invent? The Etch -A- Skeatch
What did Ben Franklin Invent? The Bifocals
What did Bette Nesmith Graham invent? The Liquid Paper
what did Christopher Latham Sholes invent? The Typewriter
What did Dr. Charles Drew invent? The Blood Bank
What did Dr. Edward Jenner invent? The Small Pox Vaccine
What did Edward Binney and Harold Smith invent? The Crayola
What did Eli Whitney invent? The Cotton Gin
What did Elijan McCoy invent? The Oil Libicator/Brakes
What did Elisha G. Otis invent? The Elvator Brakes
What did Etienne Lenoir invent? The Gas Engine
What did Ezra J. Warner invent? The Can Opener
What did Isaac Merritt Singer invent? The Sewing Machine
What did James Watt invent? The Steamboat
What did Jame Wright invent? Silly Putty
What did Johannes Gutenburg invent? The Priting Press
What did Joseph Nicephore Niepce Invent? The Camera
What did L. E. Waterman invent? The Fountain Pen
What did Levi Strauss invent? Denim Jeans
What did Percy L. Spencer invent? The Microwave Oven
What did Richard Drew invent? Masking tape/ Scotch tape
What did Richard James invent? The Slinky
What did Roburt Fluton invent? Stem Engine
What did Sumuel F. B. Morse invent? The Morse Code
What did Thomas Alva Edison The Phonograph/ Light Bulb
What did W. H. Carrie invent? The Air Conditioning
What did Whitcomb Justion invent? The zipper
What did Wilbur and Orville Wright invent? The Airplane
Created by: Lauryn#14