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Latin LC Verbs P

parco, parcere, parsi, parsum to spare
pareo, parere, parui, to obey
paro, parare, paravi, paratum to prepare
patior, pati, passus sum to suffer
pello, pellere, pepuli, pulsum to drive out
perdo, perdere, perdidi, perditum to lose, destroy
perdo, perdere, perdidi, perditum to lose
pereo, perire, perivi, peritum to pass away
perfero, perferre, pertuli, perlatum to carry through
perficio, perficere, perfeci, perfectum to achieve
permaneo, permanere, permansi, permansum to remain
permitto, permittere, permisi, permissum to letgo, surrender
permoveo, permovere, permovi, permotum to move
persequor, persequi, persecutus sum to pursue
persuadeo, persuadere, persuasi, persuasum to persuade
pertineo, pertinere, pertinui to extend
pervenio, pervenire, perveni, perventum to arrive at
peto, petere, petivi, petitum to seek
polliceor, polliceri, pollicitus sum to promise
pono, ponere, posui, positum to place
porto, portare, portavi, portatum to carry
posco, poscere, poposci to demand
possideo, possidere, possedi, possessum to hold, occupy
potior, potiri, potitus sum to take possession of
praebeo, praebere, praebui, praebitum to offer
praefero, praeferre, praetuli, praelatum to put in charge
praeficio, praeficere, praefeci, praefectum to put in charge
praesideo, praesidere, praesedi to sit before
praetereo, praterire, praeterivi, praeteritum to go past
precor, precari, precatus sum to pray
premo, premere, pressi, pressum to press
procedo, procedere, precessi, precessum to proceed
prodo, prodere, prodidi, proditum to betray
profero, proferre, protuli, prolatum to carry forth
proficiscor, proficisci, profectus sum to set out
progredior, progredi, progressus sum to advance
prohibeo, prohibere, prohibui, prohibitum to prevent
promitto, promittere, promisi, promissum to promise
propero, properare, properavi, properatum to hasten
prospicio, prospicere, prospexi, prospectum to look forward
provideo, providere, providi, provisum to look forward
pugno, pugnare, pugnavi, pugnatum to fight
punio, punire, punivi, punitum to punish
puto, putare, putavi, putatum to think
Created by: treacy993