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Latin LC Verbs E

educo, educere, eduuxi, eductum to lead out
efficio, efficere, effeci, effectum to do, make
effugio, effugere, effugi, effugitum to escape
effundo, effundere, effundi, effusum to pour out, stream forward
egredior, egredi, egressus sum to come out, leave
eicio, eicere, eieci, eiectum to throw out
eligo, eligere, elegi, electum to choose
emitto, emittere, emisi, emissum to send out
emo, emere, emi, emptum to buy
eo, ire, ivi, itum to go
eripio, eripere, eripui, ereptum to snatch away
erro, errare, erravi, erratum to wander
evado, evadere, evasi, evasum to go out
evehor, evehi, evectus sum to sail away
evenio, evenire, eveni, eventum to come out, happen
evoco, evocare, evocavi, evocatum to call forth
excedo, excedere, excessi, excessum to go out, leave
excipio, excipere, excepi, exceptum to take up
excito, excitare, excitavi, excitatum to rouse, awaken
exclamo, exclamare, exclamavi, exclamatum to shout
exeo, exire, exivi, exitum to go out
exerceo, exercere, exercui, exercitum to exercise
existimo, existimare, existimavi, existimatum to think
experior, experiri, expertus sum to test
exploro, explorare, exploravi, exploratum to explore
expono, exponere, exposui, expositum to disembark
exsequor, exsequi, exsecutus sum to follow to the end, carry out
exspecto, exspectare, expectavi, exspectatum to wait for
exstinguo, exstinguere, exstinxi, exstinctum to put out
extraho, extrahere, extraxi, extractum to pull out
Created by: treacy993