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7G States of Matters

Questions about states of matters.

What are solids, liquids and gases? They are the three states of matters.
Why are solids, liquids and gases are all stored seperately? Because they all have different propeties that need to be handled in different ways.
What state of matter that stay in one place, unless they are pushed or pulled? It is a solid.
What state of matter that flow around to fill up the whole area in the same volume and would slosh about when it was move? It is a liquid.
What state of matter that flow very easily and they spread out to fill whatever container they are in? It is a solid.
What states of matter cannot be sqashed? They are solids and liquids?
How does sand break the rule of a solid? Because solids can't flow.
Why is it important not to have a tiny slight break on the gas container? Because the gas will rush out and escape very quickly.
What is it called when an idea has been tested and still works? It is called a theory.
What is an observation? Information collected in experiments.
What is it called when a scientist think will going to happen in an experiment? It is an prediction.
What is it called when a data is used to show whether a theory is right? It is an evidence.
How do smells spread? They spread through the air.
How do the smelly particles move? They move by themselves.
What is it called when particles spread and mix with each other without anything moving them? It is called diffusion.
What states of matter can diffusion happen in? It can happen in liquids and gases.
What are bonds? Forces holding particles together.
What is a property? A description of how a material behaves and what is it like.
What's the force that caused by certain particles hitting a certain area? It is pressure.
What is it called when air particles put pressure on us? Itis called air pressure.
Created by: kpham2