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human sciencess

emotion - 1 st year nursing student

definition of emotion emotion refers to the behaviour, physiological reactions, and subjective feelings that accompany motivated behaviour. Hence, when we are motivated, we display a wide range of emotional reactions
Main goal of emotion to provide patterns of behaviour that are appropriate to particular situations
main components of emotions behavioural-consists of muscular movements appropriate to the situation and autonomic and secretion of hormones
sympathetic division arousing
parasympathetic division calming
seratonin levels associated with aggressive behaviour
James lange theory of emotion emotional feelings follow bodily arousal
Cannon-Bard theory of emotion emotional feelings and bodily arousal are processed at the same time in the brian
Schachter adn Singers cognitive theory emotion occurs when a particular label is applied to general physical arousal
Carol Izards 10 basic emotions joy,interest,excitement,surprise,anger,disgust,contempt,fear,shame,and guilt
difference between emotion and feeling feelings are more like sensations and emotions are just unconsicous thought. Emotion is deeper
Created by: carolyn3057