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Human Science

The structures of the brain and functions yr 1 nursing

Meninges The protective layered membranes of the brain
Cerebral Hemispheres The brain is composed of left and right hemispheres and left is + emotions and right - emotions
Name the 4 lobes of the brain and what they do Occipital- vision/ temporal- hearing, visual memory and language processing/ parietal- spatial location, attention and motor control/ Frontal- planning, memory search, motor control and reasoning
somatosensory strip The gyrus,located behing the sulcus that registers sensation on the body and is organized by body parts
Thalamus crucial role in attention, the switch center which directs signals to other parts of the brain
Hypothalamus primary function eating and drinking/ secondary function fight, flight, feeding and fornication
Hypocampus Plays crucial role in allowing new information to be stored in the brains memory banks. It ties together sights, sounds and meanings of memories
Amygdala Plays special role in fear and other forms of emotions
Basal Ganglia responsible for planning and producing movement
Limbic System Part of the brain located inside the cerebrum (amygdala, hippocampus, fornix/ functions are controls eating,aggression,reproduction,learning,memory,pleasure and self preservation
Brain Stem Reticular Formation, Hindbrain,cerebellum,medulla and pons
Reticular formation two parts: ascending part has a role of keeping the person awake, the descending is important in the autonomic nervous system reactions
Hindbrain the lowest part of the brain located at the rear base of skull
Cerebellum large structure at the base of the brain that is concerned with physical coordination, estimating time, and paying attention, short term memory, impulse control, emotion and higher emotion
Medulla Plays a central role in automatic control of breathing, swallowing, and blood circulation
Pons a bridge between the brainstem and the cerebellum and plays a role in sleeping and control of facial muscles. Also balance and other parasympathetic functions.
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