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Human sciencee

major trends in the development of psycholgy 1st yr nursing

Structuralism - Wilhelm Wundt Study of the structure of the mind. this approach teaches the person to engage in introspection by observing stimuli and describe their experiences.
Functionalism- William James Based on Percieving and learning, observable behaviour. the purpose of behaviour and how behaviour aid in the survival of the human species.
Psychodynamic Theory- Sigmund Freud A theory on how thoughts and feeling affect behaviour. Conscious and unconscious forces. id,ego and superego
Behaviourism- Ivan Pavlov, John B Watson and B F Skinner Reinforcement of behaviour for a desirable outcome or creating an undesirable outcome to avoid behaviour
Humanistic - Carl Rogers,Abraham Maslow believes that people have positive values, free will, and deep inner creativity which in combination allow us to choose life-fulfilling paths to personal growth.
Cognition Information processing - some systems form memory and other systems control behaviour.
Gestalt Patterns of thought or experience. The whole is more than the sum of its parts. They argue that perceptions result form patterns of interactions among many elements
Evolutionary Evolution of the modern species affects our behaviour
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