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NURS 507 neuro

Assessment -neuro/cranial nerves

CN I S---olfactory----smell, nasal epithelium
CN II S---optic---vision, retina
CN III M---oculomotor---EOM---up/down/medial ---and PUPILARY CONSTRICTION
CN IV M---trochlear---EOM---down/medial
CN V S/M---trigeminal---face/scalp sensations---muscles of mastication
CN VI M---abducens----LATERAL eye movement
CN VII S/M---facial----taste anterior 1/3---facial expression/movement
CN VIII S/M---Aucuoustic (vestibular/equilibrium---cochlear/hearing)
CN IX S/M---glossopharyngeal---taste posterior 1/3---gag/swallow/saliva
CN X S/M---vagus---gag/swallowing---muscles of pharnyx/larynx/esoph/soft palate---psymp chemoreceptors, baroreceptors
CN XI M ---accessory---swallowing---SMC (sternocleidomastoid) & trapezius
CN XII M---hypoglossal---swallowing/tongue movement/talking
how do we test CN I smell soap, coffee, etc.
how do we test CN II controls central & peripheral vision ---have them read or count # of fingers being held up---peripheral vision test
peripheral vision tests for what CN CN II optic
how do we test CN III pupilary response to light
When we do PERRLA, what CNs are we testing? CN III pupilary response---CN IV accomodation test
how do we test CN IV accomodation test to check down/medial EOM
When we check for ptosis, what CN CN III by checking where eyelid falls on pupil
If a pt has a problem with CN V, where would it show up? on their forehead---cheek---jaw
To test sensory fx of CN V, what would you do check their scalp, forehead, cheek and jaw for sensations
to test motor fx of CN V, what would you do test motor function of temporal & masseter muscles by assessing jaw opening strength
if I suspect a problem with CN VI and VII, what should I do check corneal reflex with cotton wisp
how do I test CN VI EOM lateral tested by 6 cardinal fields of gaze
how do I test CN VIII for hearing aspect rub my fingers together next to pt ear
how do I test for CN VII assess for facial symmetry---close eyes/smile/pucker/show teeth/puff cheeks----when smiling observe nasolabial folds for weakness/flattening
How do I test CN IX and X taste on posterior 1/3---ability to swallow---gag reflex---Ahhh test palate should rise/uvula midline
How do I test CN XI place hands on pt shoulders, ask them shrug (trapezius)---ask pt to turn head against my hand (SCM)
How do I test for CN XII stick out tongue, midline. problems eating/swallowing/chewing-----also assess with CN IX and X
EOMs tested by 6 cardinal fields of gaze, specifically test which CNs CN III, IV and VI
rooting reflex CN V
response to loud noise---startle---blink---looking for noise with eyes or turning head ---all are responses for which CN CN VIII
gag reflex---coordinated suck/swallow while feeding (also cerebellar fxn) uses what CNs CN IX, X and XII
Created by: lorrelaws