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7G-States of Matter

Science-7G-States of Matter

What is the three states of matter? Solid, liquid and gas.
What is volume? Volume is the amount of space that it takes up.
What is the volume measured in? Cubic centimetres (cm^3)
What are the properties of a solid? It can not change shape, it can not be compressed and it can not flow.
What do you call the force that holds the particles of a solid together? Bonds.
Liquid is usually denser than solids. True/False? False.
Why is gas put in a tightly sealed container? because they can easily flow.
Gas are denser than liquid but not solid. True/False? False
What is the properties of a liquid ? It can change its shape, it can't be squash and it can flow.
What is the properties of a gas? It can change its shape, it can be squash and it can flow.
What is diffusion? When particles spread out.
Give an example of diffusion Tea diffusing in the water.
Why is methane from waste burnt? Because methane can cause global warming.
Why is the hemispheres hard to pull apart? Because the pressure outside is pushing against it.
When you suck our of a straw you make pressure inside your mouth lower than the pressure outside. True/False? True.
Created by: nathanielvo