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7F Chemical reaction

All about chemical reaction.

What are physical changes? A change does not involve new chemical being made.
What are chemical changes? A reaction in which new substance are made.
What is a reactant? Chemical taht join together to form new substance.
What will be the new substance when iron is react with sulphuric acid? It will be iron sulphate.
How do hydrogen be tested? By bringing a splint up to the tube where the hydrogen are kept and it will burn with a squeaky pop.
What happen when dry ice warms up? It will turn straight from a solid into a gas
How do carbon dioxide be tested? By mixing it with lime water and it will form a milky white colour.
What happen when a lighted splint was put in carbon dioxide? It will goes out straight away.
Other than mixing two chemicals together, what will reaction need to make them occur? Other reaction will need energy to make them happen.
When you cook food, the heat from the cooker causes what in the foods? It causes chemical reaction in the foods.
What will firework do when it was heated to start off? It will then keep on reacting on its own.
When will a firework stop reacting? When the chemical inside it have been used up.
When a substance burns, it react with what in the air. It react with oxygen in the air.
When fire is react with oxygen to form what? It will form products.
How many percent of oxygen are there in air. There are about 20% of oxygen in air.
Created by: kpham2