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7FChemical Reaction

Science 7F Chemical Reaction

What do you call the process when an objects changes from a solid to a iquid? Physical Change
What is a reversibe change? A reversible change is when an object can change and change back to its orignal form.
How do you know when a chemical reaction has occured? It could change colour, a gas is given off, an energy change etc...
The iron has reacted with oxygen and water in the air and turned a new substance -----> ????? Iron oxide.
When the rain is polluted with sulphuric acid and corroded the iro. What is the reactant? Sulphuric aci and iron.
Iron + Sulphuric acid --> ???? Iron sulphate.
What is the product in the reaction when iron reacts with sulphuric acid? Hydrogen
How can we test if there is hydrogen? We can test for hydrogen by bringing a lighted splint to the tube of hydrogen. Hydrogens bur with a squeaky pop.
What is dry ice? Solid carbon dioxide.
How can we make dry ice? By cooling carbon dioxide down to minus eighty degrees.
How can we test if that gas is carbon dioxide? When carbon dioxide is mixed with limewater, it turns milky.
Magnesium + Sulphuric acid ---> ??? Magnesium sulphate
What is the three words in the fire triangle? Oxygen, fuel and heat.
When a substance burns, what does it reacts with? Oxygen in the air.
Magnesium + oxygen ---> ???? Magnesium oxide.
Iron + Hydrochloric acid ---> ??? Iron chloride
Shodl we used water for electrical wires and why? No because when you put water into electricity, you will get electricuted.
What is the scientific name for burning? Combustion.
Any chemical that is made up of only hydrogen and oxygen is called what? Hydrocarbon
What do you get when methane isn't burnt properly? Carbon monoxide and water
Sodium carbonate made up of? Sodium, carbon and oxygen
What is NaCO? Sodium carbonate
Magnesium + nitric acid ---> ???? Magneisum nitrate.
Created by: nathanielvo