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Chemical Reaction 7F

1.What is Chemical Reaction? Chemical Reaction is in which new substances are made.
2.What happens when a firework goes off? When a fireowok goes off, you can not colllect all the gases and smoke that are produced and turn them back into a firework.
3.If there is a physical change, are theire any new substances formed? No, no new substances are formed.
4.What is the definition of permanent or irreversible? The definition is that new substances are formed during a chemical reaction.
5.Can acids be corrosive? Yes of course they can be corrosive.
6.What is called iron and sulpuhric acid? Iron and sulphuric acid are called reactants.
7.Why is carbon dioxide called dry ice? Because to make carbon dioxide is you have to cool it down to about -80C, when it warms up again it turns straight from a solid to a gas without melting first.
8.What will happen if carbon dioxide and limestone mix together? When they mix together it will go milky.
9.Name the gas off when acids react with limestone. Carbon dioxide.
10.What is electrical detonators used for? They are used for starting fireworks off.
11.Give one example of how you can put out fire? You can put out fire by having energy to start the fire.
12.What are some types of using fire on? Some of the types are wood, paper, plastics and cloth.
13.What is the fire triangle? The fire trinagle is showing one of the ways to put out fire.
14.What is a fuel? A fuel is a substance which contains energy that can be changed into heat energy.
15.What happens if there is no oxygen in a fuel? If there is no oxygen, there will be no fire.
16.What are candles made out of? Candles are made out of wax.
17.What does wax contain? Wax contains a lot of carbon joined to hydrogen.
18.What is another way to call Burning? Another way to call burning can be combustion.
19.What is another example of an fuel? Another example of fuel is natural gas.
20.What are explosives? Explosives are chemicals which are designed to explode.
Created by: sofiabaraniak