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7F- Chemical Revison

Chemical Revison Cards

What is physical a reaction? When you melt ice it turns into water, the ice has changed from a solid to a liquid but it is still the same substance
What is a chemical reaction? Chemical reactions produce new substances. Like a change in colour, a gas is given off, an energy change (heat)
What is the one product of the reaction between limestone and acids? The one product of reaction is carbon dioxide
What is the word equation to magnesium and oxygen? The word equation is magnesium+oxygen---->magnesium oxide
What percentage of the air is oxygen? Air is about 20% oxygen
What are the 3 things needed to complete a fire triangle? For a fire to burn there are 3 things needed: 1) A substance that burns (fuel) 2) Energy to start the fire (usually heat) 3) Oxygen (usually from the air)
What is the word equation for methane and oxygen and what is the anwser? The complete word equation and anwser is: methane+oxygen---->carbon dioxide+water
What is another name for burning? Burning is also called combustion. We can summarise what happens when we burn a fuel by writing a word equation
What happens when you cool down carbon dioxide down to 80degrees celsius? It creates dry ice which is solid carbon dioxide
What is a fuel? A fuel is a substance which contains energy that can be trasnformed into heat energy
Why is rainwater corrosive and acidic? Rainwater is corrosive as sometimes the rainwater can be polluted with nitric or sulphuric acids. This acidrain will attack the iron and make it corrode more quickly
How do we make sure that gas is carbon dioxide? To be sure that gas is carbon dioxide we use the limewater test. If carbon dioxide is mixed with limewater, it will go milky. With other gases the limewater always stays clear
What is the reaction to a substance burned? When a substance burns, it reacts with the oxygen in the air.
What happens to metals that are used in fireworks when they go off? The metals in the fireworks will burn in the oxygen with a particular colour to form oxides
What is the name of any chemical that is made of only carbon and hydrogen? Any chemical that is made of only carbon and hydrogen is called a hydrocarbon
What gets realeased from a chemical reaction explosion? The remains would be a certain amount of gas,a lot of heat is released and plenty of oxygen is available
What is wax made up of? Wax is a substance that contains a lot of carbon joined joined to hydrogen
What is natural gas? Natural gas is another example of fuel. Natural gas is mainly methane
What is carbon monoxide? Carbon monoxide is a very poisonous gas that is tasteless and doesn't smell.
What is the word equation to methane and oxygen? The word equation is: methane+oxygen---->carbon mioxide+water
How can we test for carbon monoxide? We can test for carbon monoxide by placing carbon monoxide detectors near gas appliances
What are explosives? Explosives are chemicals that react very violently.
Why is water used to put of the heat from a buring object? water is often used to put fires out;as it takes away the heat
Name one reason why putting fires out with water is also a bad thing to do? The water should never be used when oil is buring as the water sinks through the oil and the heat turns the water into a stream. The stream rised very quickly to the surface of the oil, pushing the burning oil out this makes the fire spread out more
How is carbon dioxide produced? Carbon dioxide is produced with the oxygen in the air
Why are fire extingushers used when tehre is a fire? They stop oxygen from getting ot the fuel
When you cook food is it true that the cooker causes chemical changes? Yes, the cookers does cause chemical changes, if you turn the heat off, the food stops cooking, the chemical reaction stops
Does iron fillings react with sulphuric acid? Yes they both react as they are reactants. Eventually there will be no iron left, it will have turned into a new substance
What makes limewater go milky? Carbon dioxide makes the limewater milky as it is reacting with the water
Why should water never be used on an electrical fire? It will create a serious electrical shock. The electricty should be turned off at the mains, and a dry fire extingusher used.
Created by: Siavon Barclay