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flash card 7Frevison

are cooked bugers a chemical reaction yes
what happens when all the chemicals in a glow stick are used up the glow stick gets dimmer
there is a burnt piece of bread what happened did a chemical action acure yes
is there a chemical reaction beteewn steel and water yes
what is the mixture of water and oxygen iron-oxide
what is the white subtance in lime water when CO2 is put in to it calcium-carbinate
what is dry ice frozen CO2
what happens when you put a lit splint in to a container filed with CO2 the splint gose out
is spliting water with electricity a chemical reaction yes
Magnesium+oxygen--> Magnesium-oxide
what happen when youi put a lit splint in a container full of oxygen the fire is given oxygen which makes the fire biger
what are the tow oxides have mentied Magnesium-oxide,iron-oxide
is a firework a chimicAL reaction yes
what is an irreversible change some thing that can not be chaged
what is a physical change when something new is made
what is a combustion reaction when some energy has to be supplied at the bigging to start the reaction
what is in the fire triangle oxygen,heat,fuel
name two extinguisher types water,dry powder
fuel+oxygen--> CO2+water
methane+oxygen--> CO2+water
Created by: tanner prunty