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7F Chemical Reaction

Revision on chemical reaction

What is a chemical reaction? It is when chemicals join or break apart to form new chemicals.
What is a physical change? When a substance has changed it's form but no new substances were made.
What is the difference between a reversible and irreversible change? Reversible: Can return to its orginal form. Irreversible: Cannot change back.
What is the word equation for magnesium reacting with oxygen. Magnesium + Oxygen = Magnesium Oxide
What causes iron and steel to rust? From the oxygen and water from the air and rain.
What causes acid rain? The nitric or sulphuric acid in it.
What are reactants? They are the chemicals that react together and make new substances.
What makes dry ice? The solid state of carbon dioxide.
What happens when CO2 + Ca(OH)2? The limewater will turn cloudy.
What are the 3 things in the fire triangle? Fuel, heat and oxygen.
What is usually used to put out fires? Fire extinguishers or water.
What is another word for burning? Combustion.
Fuel + Oxygen = ? Carbon Dioxide + Water
If we leave a candle burning in a beaker, will it stop burning and why? It will go out because it uses up all of the oxygen and the carbon dioxide will put it out.
What makes a chemical reaction become an explosion? A large amount of gas is formed, a lot of heat is released, plenty of oxygen is available.
What is Nitroglycerine? It is a very sensitive explosion that can explode by just a liitle bit of energy.
What is the best type of extinguisher for putting out wood fires? Water.
What naturally stops forest fires? Fire breaks.
About how much percent is the air oxygen? 20%.
What is in water? Hydrogen and oxygen.
What is in carbon dioxide? Carbon and oxygen.
Created by: ChubbyAnhHao