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7F Revision


What is a physical change? It is a change that does not create a new substance .
What is a chemcal reaction? It is a reaction thst produces new substances.
What properties can help you observe if a chemical reation had occured? The change of colour, gas given off, any energy change (the mixture may go hottoer or colder)
Are chemical reactions permanet / irreversible change? Chemical reaction are irreversible and permanent; you cannot collect the gass and smoke that has been given off.
What is an example of a chemical reacting to a substance? The chemical might split up, or decompose during a reaction.
Explain the chemical reaction of a barbequed bread. The bread is made out of starch, which is made out of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. The energy from the grill splitd up the starch. ZThe hydrogen and the oxygen make water vapour, which evaporates into air. The carbon makes the bread turn black.
What can electrical energy be used for? Electrical energy can be used to make substances react. It can be used to split oxygen and hydrogen. This could be important in the futurre since hydrogen can be used for fuel.
What is rusting an example of? Rusting is an example of corrosion. The meatl reacts with the acid in rain water, making it to wear away and rust.
What are the name of acids that can be in rainwater? The two names of acids that can be in rainwater are nitric and sulphuric acid. The acids will attack the metal and make it corrode quicker.
What is the meaning of "reactants" ? The meaning of reactants is : Chemicals that joins together to create new substances.
Explain the process of corrosion and having a reactant. The acid from the acid rain will corrode the iron away. Eventually, there will be no iron left, but a new substance will be formed; iron sulphate. Hydrogen gas will also be a part of this reaction.
How can you test for hydrogen? You can test fro hydrogen by having a tube with hydrogen, and then lit a splint, then place the splint inside the tube. If it makes a squeeky pop, the tube contains hydrogen. If i doesnt, it isnt hydrogen.
What is the process of making dry ice? First, you will have to cool the carbon dioxide to about -80C. When the carbon dioxide warms up again, it will turn from a solid to a gas straight away without melting into liquid.
What gas dissolves in rain water? Carbon dioxide dissolves in rain water. This corrodes away the limestone and changes it into a new substance.
What is one of the product of limestone and acid? One of the product from the reaction is carbon dioxide.
How do you test for carbon dioxide? You put a lighted splint into a tube, the flame will go out staright away. This shows that the tube contains carbon dioxide. If a squeeky pop is produced, the tube contains hydrogen.
How do you make sure that a gas is made out of carbon dioxide? You test if the gas is made of carbon dioxide by using the limewater test. If carbon dioxide is mixed with limewater, the limewater will tuen milky. With other gasses, limewater stays clear.
what is cooking an example of? Cooking is an example of chemical reaction.
How do you start the chemical reaction with cooking? Cooking starts with energy. The energy is from the heat from the stove.
What is the third type of reaction? The third type of reaction is the reaction that keeps reacting on its own.
Explain how a firework's reaction is the thrid type of reaction? A firework is the third type of reaction because once the bottom part is lit, there is enough energy for it to keep burning. The firework doesn't need to be lit anymore, the firework will keep on burning until all the chemicals have been used up.
What are electrical detonators used for? Electrical detonatorsa are used for lighting up many fireworks at once. This job is too dangerous for a person to do; so a detonator is used.
How does a reaction start and end? A reaction boyh start and end by having energy. When the reaction ends, a lot more energy is given off. This extra energy could be noticed as heat, light and sometimes sound.
What percentage is oxygen being in air? Air is 20% oxygen.
How do you test for pure oxygen? This is how pure oxygen is tested: You have a gas jar of pure oxygen and place a burning splint into it. The splint will burn more fiercely becaused of the oxygen. If you place a lighted splint into the jar, the oxygen will re-light the splint.
What is the meaning of "oxide" ? The meaning of oxide is a compound that includes oxygen.
What does a word equation do? A word equation shows us the reaction of the substances.
Comple the equation below: magnesium+oxygen--> magnesium+oxygen-->magenesium oxide.
Explain the parts of this word equation: magnesium+oxygen-->magnesium oxide. Magnesium+Oxgen are the two reactants that reacts with each other to produce a product which in this case is the magnesium oxide.
What are the three parts of the fire triangle? Oxygen, Heat and fuel are the three parts of the fire triangle.
How do you put out a fire? You put out a fire by taking away one part of the fire triangle.
Created by: QistinaHelmy