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Meaning of reactants Two chemicals or objects that react with one another to form something different.
Magnesium + Oxygen --> Magneisium Oxide
Methane + O2 --> carbon dioxide + water
fuel + O2 --> CO2 + water
methane + O2 --> carbon monoxide + water
What is the limewater test? A test in which you put a gas through limewater, if it goes foggy it means that it is O2, if it doesnt it is CO2
What are the 3 sides of the fire triangle? O2, heat and fuel
Why is CO2 used in fire extinguishers? because CO2 floats down and puts out fires easily
What is a 'fire break'? something that blocks a fire from spreading
What side of the fire triangle is taken away in a fire break? Fuel
What is dry ice made of? and how cold does it have to get? Carbon Dioxide, -80degrees celcius
What happens to metals when left to react with air and water? Rust forms and it starts to corrode.
What 2 things are formed when starch is heated? Water vapour and CO2
T/F Fireworks are NOT a chemical rection. False. They are.
What happens when a barely lit splint is put into a jar of O2? It ignites furiously
What happens when a splint is put into a jar of CO2? It gets put out.
What happpens when you put a lit splint into a jar of Hydrogyen? It makes a popping sound.
What happens when Magneisium is put over a flame? It goes white and brightens.
Give 4 examples of fuel Petrol, Wood, O2, coal, nateral gasses, oil are all acceptable.
Explain why a candle, when put in a glass that is turned upside down, gets put out after a while. Because the candle is burning O2 and releasing CO2 causing it to run out of O2 in which it will take a side of the fire triangle out.
Explain useful use for explosives. Tearing down houses easily, shows, fireworks.
What is CO2 best for putting out? electrical fires
What is H2O best for putting out? wood fires, paper fires, cloth fires
what is foam (AFFF) best for putting out? Wood fires, paper fires, Petrol fires, solvents, paints, platic fires.
What is dry powder best for putting out? fires involving metals or electical fires.
What is a hydrocarbon? Any chamical with only carbon and hydrogyen
Give an example of a hydrocarbon Diesel
T/F Nitrolycerine is unstable True
T/F Oil lights fire easily True
T/F Explosives are always bad. False
T/F Dynamite can be used in a good way to blow up buildings True
T/F there is absoluetly NO way to detect Carbon Monoxide False. There are Carbon Monoxide detecters now.
T/F Fireworks have a source of O2 wixed with the fuel True
T/F Carbon Monoxide is deadly True
T/F Carbon Monoxide tastes like freshly dead fish False. It has no flavour.
T/F People can always tell that they've been poisoned with Carbon Monoxide because of the smell and taste of it is unbearable False. People never know.
Why was it easy for the Buncefeild oil depot to catch fire? Because it had a lot of oil in it which ignights easily.
A chemical reaction becaomes an explosion when... A large amount of gas is formed A lot of heat is released Plenty of o2 is available
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