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7F Science Revision

Chemical Reaction

Define physical change It is when the change that occurs is reversible and that no new substances are formed
Define reversible It is when something can be reversed or change back into its original state
Name all of the new substances formed during a chemical reaction -Change in colour -Gas given off -Energy change
Define permanent It is irreversible and cannot be change back
Define decompose It is when chemicals split up during a reaction
Another word for splitting water with electricity Electrolysis
What is the type of change/reaction when water turns into ice? Physical Change
What are produced when fireworks goes off? colour, sound, heat, light, CO2
What are the two type of gases that are made when water is split? Hydrogen and Oxygen
Define reactants When two things react to each other, that are the reactants
What are the reactants during water freezing? water and the temperature
What are the reactants during leaves burning Fire and Leaves
What are produced when iron reacts with sulphuric acid Hydrogen and Iron Sulphate
What is a product? Something that is made during a Chemical Reaction
What are the product when a paper is burning? CO2 and Ashes
How can we test if the reaction produces Hydrogen? Perform the squeaky pop test
Iron + Sulphuric Acid = Hydrogen and Iron Sulphate
Define rust Rusting is an example of Corrosion, it is cause by the o2 and water in the air turning into
what is another way to say rust? Iron Oxide
What is Corrosion It is when something is broken down and take away.
What type of acid can acid rain be made of? Nitric or Sulphuric Acid
What is corrosive? It is an object that take away thing or break things down e.g acid
What's an acid rain It is when nitric or sulphuric acid pollutes the rain causing it to rain acid down.
what is dry ice Solid C02
What's the temperature to cool down co2 to make dry ice? -80ÂșC
What will happen after you cool co2 down? It turns straight into dry ice without melting
Why are dry ice useful It can use to make a foggy effect
What is the gas given off when limestone reacts to acid CO2
How to be sure if a reaction gives off c02 and not other gas? Do the limewater test
Define chemical reaction It is when chemical break apart or join to form something new
Created by: LongBui