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7F:Chemical Reaction

Revision Cards on Chemical Reaction

How can you tell when a chemical reaction has taken place? There will be a change in colour, an energy change or a gas will be given off
What is the definition of decompose? When one substance splits up into two or more products
What percentage of air contains oxygen? 20%
What is the word equation for iron added to oxygen? Iron + Oxygen -> Iron Oxide
What is acid rain? Acid rain is rain containing sulphuric and nitric acid
What is the reaction when magnesium is heated? Parts of the magnesium forms into a gas
How can you test for pure oxygen? Place a burning splint into a jar or pure oxygen. Take the splint out at blow it, leaving it to glow. Oxygen will make it burst into flames again!
What happens when you cool down carbon dioxide to approximately -80°? The carbon-dioxide will turn into dry ice
Name three gases that can put a flame out. Carbon dioxide, helium and nitrogen
How are oxides formed? Metals that are used in fireworks will burn in oxygen with a particular colour. This forms oxides!
How can we be sure that more energy is given off a reaction? Heat, light and sometimes sound are given off
What extinguisher type is used for putting out a fire on petrol? A foam (AFFF) extinguisher
What effects does a fire extinguisher have on fires? Fire extinguishers cool the fire down or stop oxygen getting to the fuel
What is the fire triangle? A way of showing in a diagram that heat, oxygen and fuel are needed for a fire
What happens if you add water to an electrical fire? You will get an electric-shock
When a forest is on fire, what can help stop the fire from spreading? A fire break. E.g. Streams or gaps between trees
What is the definition of combustion? The scientific word for burning
What is wax made up of? Carbon joined together with hydrogen
Complete the word equation: Methane + Oxygen -> Methane + Oxygen -> Carbon Dioxide + Water
Why is energy not written in a word equation? It is not a chemical substance meaning it is not a product
What is Nitroglycerine? Nitroglycerine is a very dangerous explosive. If you drop a bottle of Nitroglycerine, it will have enough energy to start an explosive reaction!
Carbon Monoxide is a very poisonous gas. Name two features of carbon monoxide. Carbon Monoxide doesn't smell and it is tasteless
How is carbon dioxide produced? When carbon is joined with oxygen in the air
What is the word equation for combustion? Fuel + Oxygen -> Carbon Dioxide + Water
What is the name we give chemicals that are only made up of carbon and hydrogen? Hydrocarbon
What is a dry powder extinguisher used for? Putting out fires involving metals or electrical fires
Explain how ice is a reversible change. Ice ca be melted into a liquid but when you place it in the freezer, it can turn back into a solid
How can hydrogen and oxygen be split? Electrical energy can split them apart
What is rusting an example of? Corrosion
What is the best way for putting our an oil fire? Cover it with sand, soil or a fire blanket
What makes limewater go milky? Carbon dioxide
What is dynamite used for? Dynamite is used to blast rock out of quarries, build roads through hills and knick down old buildings
How do terrorists use explosives? To kill or injure in crime
Created by: Toni.Perez