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7F-chemical reaction

Revision card on chemical reaction

What are the features of chemical reaction? it produce a new substance like gas or enery can change
What are the features of physical reaction ? it doesnt produce any new product.
During the reaction, what might happene to chemicals? They may split up or decompose
What forms when iron reactes with oxygen and water in the air? it will produce iron oxide
iron+sulphric acid---->? Iron sulphlate+hydrogen gas
What happens to a limestone when the gas in the air, such as carbon dioxied dissolves to make a weak acid?? The limestone will corrode
What test do we use to test hydrogen?? Squeeky pop test
What test do we use to test carbon dioxide?? Limewater test
When you cook, what from cooker cause chemical energy? Heat
magnesium+oxygen--->?? Magnesium oxide
For a fire to burn, wgat are the three things that are needed? Fuel, Oxygen, Heat
Why shouldn't we add water to buring oil? because, when water sinks through the oil, and because of the heat, it will turn into steam which spreads the oil and make the fire bigger
What does carbon dioxide do, when an electronic is on fire? it cut6s off the oxygen supply
What does candle wax contain?? It contains a lot of carbon joint with hydrogen
fuel+oxygen-->?? carbon dioxide+water
methane+oxygen-->? Cardon dioxide+water
methane+oxygen(ona blue flame)-->?? carbon monoxide+water
How does a candle produce energy to make a fire? to start off, it needs heat energy and carbon and hydrogen will release energy to break apart
What type of fire should you use with water to let the fire out? wood, fire, cloth
Describe the third type of reaction It needs energy to start off, but it wil keep greacting on it's own
Describe the test used for pure oxygen you put a glowing splint inside, then it will light again
What chemical does Starch contain? it contains, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen
how does a chemical reaction occur? it occures when chemical join or break apart
When a new substance is formed, is it irreversible? yes
What are the reactants? they are chemicals that are used to react with each other
When does chemical reaction becomes an explosion? when: A large amount of gas is formed, A lot of heat is released, plenty of owygen is available.
What is nitroglycerine? It is a explosive chemical which is not stable
Created by: ji-young.b