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BVT Urinary words

Medical Terms for the Urinary System

Homeostasis state of equilibrium
Urea waste product of protein metabolism
Kidney filter blood to remove toxins
Retroperitoneally pertaining to being located behind the peritoneum
Peritoneum membrane that lines the abdominal cavity
Renal cortex outer rim of the kidney
Medulla inner region of kidney; contains tubules
Renal pelvis funnel
Nephron functional unit of kidneys
Glomerulus cluster of capillaries
Urinary bladder hollow muscular organ
Rugae folds that line the bladder
Uretha tube from bladder to outside of body
Urethral meatus external opening of urethra
Urinary sphincters control flow of urine from bladder and urethra
Micturate urinate
Renal failure inability of kidneys to perform functions
Acute renal failure sudden onset with uremia
Chronic renal failure progressive loss of renal function
End stage renal disease irreversible loss of function of both kidneys
Nephrotic Syndrome high levels of protein lost and low levels of protein in blood
Edema excessive fluid in body tissues
Renal colic acute pain in kidney area caused by stone
Stone calculus
Urinary tract infections usually begin in bladder
Epispadias congenital urethral opening on top of penis
Hypospadias congenital urethral opening on penile under surface
Paraspadias congenital urethral opening on side of penis
Urinary hesitancy difficulty in starting stream
Urinary retention inability to empty bladder
Incontinence inability to control excretory functions
Stress incontinence inability to control voiding of urine under physical stress such as running and sneezing
Overactive bladder urge incontinence
Catheterization use of catheter to obtain urine
Computerized tomography CT scan with xray beam to produce cross sections
KUB study of kidneys, ureters, bladder
Retrograde urography radiograph of the urinary system using dye
Diuretics medication to increase urine secretion
Peritoneal dialysis lining of peritoneal cavity acts as filter
Percutaneous nephrolithotomy special scope to go through skin to crush or remove stone
Indwelling catheter one that remains for a prolonged time
Suprapubic catheterization catheter placement into bladder through small incision above pubic bone
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