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Tone Words 2

Words that express an author's tone

appalled offended by an extremely unpleasant event
apathetic feeling or showing a lack of concern or interest; indifferent
audacious recklessly bold or daring
benevolent helpful and generous to others
candid informal or natural
contemptuous displaying a lack of respect
dejected lacking enthusiasm due to failure; being in low spirits
demoralized made less hopeful
didactic instructive or preachy
ecstatic joyful or enraptured state
facetious humorous in a sarcastic way
frantic widely excited; frenzied
incensed extremely angry
irreverent showing no respect for traditions, rules, or religious beliefs
mordant criticizing in a way that is cruel
mundane ordinary and uninteresting
provocative intent angering or upsetting people
seething feeling extremely angry without showing it much
superficial shallow; only concerned with what is obvious
tranquil calm; free from commotion
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