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Latin hard works!?!

OCR GCSE Latin -the words you can never know

adeo so much, so greatly
altus high, deep
adeo, audere to dare
apud (+acc) amoung, with, at the house of
auffero to carry out
castra camp
celo, celare to hide
cognosco to get to know, find out
conficio to finish, wear out
cogo, cogere to force, compel
copiae forces, troops
cura care, worry
debeo to owe, ought
dirus dreadful, dire
discendo to depart, leave
doceo to teach
dux leader
egredior to go out
et...et.. both...and..
exercitus army
fortis brave
frustra in vain
hortor to encorage, urge
iaceo, iacere, iacui to lie
iacio, iacere, ieci, iactus to throw
idem the same
inimicus enemy
interficio to kill
ita in this way
laudo to praise
libenter willingly, gladly
liber, libri book
liberi children
libertus freedman
magnopere greatly
malus bad, evil
male, malle, malui to prefer
maritus husband
moduc way, manner, kind
nisi unless, except
nonnulli some, several
numquam never
nuntio to announce
occido to kill
opprimo to crush, overwhelm
oppugno to attack
ostendo to show
patior to suffer, endure
pello, pepuli, pulsus to drive
pereo to perish, die
pes, pedis foot
plenus full
poena punishment
portus harbour
postea afterwards
premium price, reward
precor to pray, beg
profiscior to set out
progredior to advance
propter on account of
punio to punish
qualis? what sort of?
puto to think
quam as...as possible/than
quam? quam! how? how!
quamquam although
quando when
quantus? how big? how much?
quidam a certain
quot? how many?
reddeo to give back, restore
rego to rule
relinquo to leave behind
rumpo to break, burst
saevus savage, cruel
sapiens wise
scelus crime
sentio to feel, notice
servo, servare to save, protect
sic thus, in this way
simulac as soon as
soleo to be accustomed to
spero to hope
summus highest, greatest
supero to overcome
taceo to be silent
tantus so great, so large
tollo to raise, lift up
tot so many
trado to hnd over
turba crowd
validus strong
vehementer violently, loudly
verto to turn
verus true, real
videor to seem, appear
vultus expression, face
Created by: Sweetcorn