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Chapter 9 ( and) 7

What is the SA chain of mountains called Andes
____are vast expanses of plains fond in the interior of Brazil Cerrado
What river flows through SA and is almost 4,000 miles long Amazon River
_____ consists of things such as sewers, transportation, electricity, and housing. Infrastructure
Grasslands of northern Argentina and Uruguay Pampas
Vast plains in Columbia and Venezula llanos
1,500 mile river that flows mainly through Venezulla Orinico River
3,000 mile river that flows through Paraguay and Argentina Parana River
They cover more than 2 million square miles of SA and contian many speices of trees rain forest
a method used to clear land for farming slash-and-Burn
an ancient technique for growing crops on hillside or Mt slopes teraced farming
Latin America reaches from the southern borders of the US down to Tierra del Fuego
On the south American contient the _____ are part of mountain ranges that run down the ____ coast of North Central America and SA Andes Mt Western
Other ranges include the _____ highlands in NE of SA Guiana
SA also several vast plains icluding the ____ of Colombia and Venezula LLanos
Other vast plains located in Argentina and Uruguay are know as the Pampas
SA has many long rivers includding____ river that winds through northern part of the contient , mainly in Venezula Orinoco
NS and SA and E of Mexico and CA are the ______ islands Cariabbean
The Cariabbean consits of 3 major groups Bahamas, Grater and lesser antiles
Political Units Provinces
in canada a loose political union of provinces confedration
a sytem where legislative and executive functions are combined in legislature called a parliament parlimentry gov.
canada's Native Amarican People First Nations
people of mixed french and native peoles descent metis
most french-speaking canadians live here Quebec
composed of Manitoba, askachewan, and Alberta Prairie Provinces
Canada's westernmost province British Columbia
Home of many of Canada'sInuit Nunavut
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