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BJU Life Science 1

Bob Jones Life Science - Chapter 1

science the knowledge humans have gained about the natural world; the systematic process of studying the natural world.
observation The information gathered from the environment by one's senses; the gathering of such information.
inference Logical conclusion.
presupposition Something a person assumes to be true without requiring convincing proof.
Dominion Mandate The charge that God gave to humans in Genesis 1:28 to exercise dominion, or stewardship, over the Earth.
verify(ing) To obtain data through repeated experiments or surveys and observe similar results each time.
scientific method A logical problem-solving method that involves experimenting or surveying, observing, and choosing an answer.
hypothesis An educated guess at the solution to a problem.
data Recorded information from an experiment or survey.
survey A method of data collection that determines how common or rare particular observations are; the data collected by this method.
experimental variable The factor or condition being tested in an experiment.
experimental group The group that receives the experimental variable; sometimes called the experimental factor.
control group The group in an experiment that is not exposed to the experimental variable.
classify(ing) To arrange experimental data so that relationships can be seen; to assign or arrange organisms in a particular group.
bias A person's preconceived ideas or inclinations about a topic; what someone wants to believe.
worldview The perspective or collection of presuppositions from which a person interprets the world.
in God's image Describes the fact that God made humans to reflect in a limited way certain aspects of his own being, such as intelligence, emotions, and will.
Creation Mandate The charge that God gave to man in Genesis 1:28 to exercise dominion , or stewardship, over the earth
controlled experiment A situation or process designed and controlled by a person for the purpose of gaining data about a particular problem and testing a particular hypothesis.
analyze(ing) To determine whether a set of data supports a hypothesis.
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