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Death & Dying


A form of necessary loss and include all normally expected life changes across the life span? Maturational losses
Sudden, unpredictable external events? Situational loss
Occurs when a person can no longer feel, hear, or know a person or object? Actual loss
Are uniquely defined by the person experiencing the loss and are less obvious to other people? Perceived loss
Is the emotional response to a loss, manifested in ways unique to an individual, based on personal experiences, cultural expectations, and spiritual beliefs? Grief
The outward, social expressions of grief and behavior associated with loss? Mourning
What is a Jewish mourning ritual? Shiva
Captures both grief and mourning? Bereavement
Symptoms and disturbances of complicated grief last how long? At least 6 months.
The unconscious process of disengaging or "letting go" before the actual loss or death occurs? Anticipatory Loss
When a relationship to the deceased person is not socially sanctioned, cannot be openly acknowledged or publicly shared? Disenfracnchised Grief
Denial, anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance? Kubler-Ross 5 Stages of Dying
Yearning and searching theory? Attachment Theory (Bowlby)
Accepting the reality of loss? Worden
The R process model? Recognize, React, Reminsce, Relinquish, Readjust.
Describes the experience of mourning? Bowlby's attachment theory
How long does it take a person to realize the full impact of a loss? At least 3 months.
What is one coping strategy for the loss or death of loved one? Emotional Disclosure
Occurs when an individual comes to terms with his or her life and puts life's pieces together in a way consistent with ones entire life? Spiritual Integration
Is the final phase of palliative care, designed for clients who will likely not live more than 6 months or who are actively dying? Hospice
The client temporarily receives care from others so that family members are able to get away to rest and relax? Respite Care
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