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Catullus List 10

dies diei, m., day
otiosus -a, -um: not occupied by business or politics, having nothing to do, at leisure
ludo ludere, lusi, lusus- play
scribo scribere, scripsi, scriptus- write
uterque utraque, utrumqum- each of both
modo...modo now...now
reddo reddere, reddidi, redditus- return
vinum vini, n, wine
Iocus ioci, m, joke
abeo abire, abivi, abitus- depart, go away
lepor leporis, m, charm/pleasantness
incendo incendere, incendi, incensus- set on fire
facetiae facetiarum, f, cleverness, wit
miser -a, -um: poor/miserable/wretched
iuvo iuvare, iuvi, iutus- to help/benefit
somnus somni, m, sleep
tego tegere, texi, tectus- cover/protect
quies quietis, f, quiet/calm
totus -a, -um: whole/all/entire
furor furoris, m, fury/rage
cupio cupere, cupivi, cupitus- wish/desire
video videre, vidi, visus- see
lux lucis, f, light
loquor loqui, locutus sum- speak/tell
membrum membri, n, limb
taceo tacere, tacui, tacitus- be silent
poema poematis, n, poem
facio facere, feci, factus- do/make
perspicio perspicere, perspexi, perspectus- to see clearly
dolor doloris, m, pain/love ache
audax audacis, bold/presumptuous/reckless
caveo cavere, cavi, cautus- beware/avoid
prex precis, f, prayer
oro orare, oravi, oratus- pray/beg/beseech
reposco reposcere- to demand back/exact
laedo laedere, laesi, laesus- to hurt/harm
sedeo sedere, sedi, sessus- sit
audio audire, audivi, auditus- listen
dulcis -ise, -e, sweet
rideo ridere, risi, risus- laugh
omnis -is, -e: each/every/all
eripio eripere, eripui, ereptus- snatch away/take by force
sensus sensus, m, sensation
vox vocis, f, voice
lingua linguae, f, tongue
tenuis -is, -e: thin/fine
artus -us, m, joint/limb
flamma flammae, f, flame
auris auris, f, ear
lumen luminis, n, light (pl. eyes)
nox noctis, f, night
otium -i, n, spare time/idleness
gestio gestire, gestivi- to leap about/dance/run riot
rex regis, m, king
urbs urbis, f, city
perdo perdere, perdivi, perditus- ruin/destroy
moror morari, moratus sum- delay/stay
emorior emori, emortuus sum- die/perish
consulatus -us, m, consulship
nescio quis (quis, quid part changes, nescio does not) someone or other/something or other
iterum again
crimen criminis, n, crime/charge
manus us, f, hand
tollo tollere, sustuli, sublatus- lift/raise
caput capitis, n, head
crus cruris, n, leg/shin
senex senis- aged, old
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