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about hurricanes!

What is the first thing a hurricane needs to be able to form? Warm moist ocean water
What is the main part of stying safe during a hurricane Staying indoors
What hurricane damage cuases up rising sea level Storm Surges
What is the most violent part of the hurricane? The eye wall
Where do hurricanes oftenly occur? The pacific ocean and tropical regions
Hurricanes are measured according to the... 5 catorization Saffir-Simpson Scale.
Light breezes occur in the safest part of the hurricane which is the... The eye
What can hurricanes form that is a weaker copy of the actual natural desaster? Tornadoes
Fster moving hurricanes cuase more damage then... Slow moving ones
Hurricanes are seen how on satilliets? By heat
What is a hurricane? A powerful storm
Hurricanes drastically drecreas over... Land
Created by: yasmeena