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Joints (Articulations)

Joints: Functions (2) Hold bones together, Provide skeleton with mobility.
Joints: Functions Classification (3) Synarthroses, Amphiarthroses, Diarthroses.
Synarthroses Immovable.
Amphiarthroses Slightly movable.
Diarthroses Freely movable.
Joints: Structure Classification (3) Fibrous, Cartilaginous, Synovial.
Fibrous Sutures, Syndesmoses, Gomphosis, Synostosis.
Sutures Skull.
Syndesmoses End of tibia/fibula.
Gomphosis Teeth.
Synostosis Ossification of bone.
Cartilaginous Symphysis, Synchondrosis.
Symphysis Pubic symphysis, Spinal disks, Ribs.
Sybchondrosis Immobile; 1st rib, Sternum.
Synovial Bone ends covered with cartilage and enclosed within a capsule lined by membrane. Shoulder, hip wrist.
Synovial Joints (6) Plane, Hinge, Pivot, Condyloid, Saddle, Ball and Socket.
Plane Nonaxial; Carpals.
Hinge Uniaxial: Elbow, Ankle, Phalanges of Fingers, Knee.
Pivot Uniaxial; Radius and Ulna, Atlas and Axis.
Condyloid Biaxial; Metacarpals and Phalanges (Knuckles).
Saddle Biaxial; Thumbs.
Ball and Socket Multiaxial; Femur and Pelvis (Hip).
Herniated Disc Disc between vertebrae gets displaced and presses upon spinal chord.
Spinal Curvatures (3) Scoliosis, Kyphois, Lordosis.
Scoliosis Sideways curve.
Kyphosis "Hunchback".
Lordosis Lumbar curves in "bubble butt".
Dislocation Bone forced out of normal location.
Bursitis Inflammation of the bursae membrane.
Sprain Ligaments and tendons stretched or torn.
Osteoporosis Where bones thin out (lose calcium) and become very fragile and form painful bony spurs.
Arthritis Pain, stiffness, swelling of joints.
Arthritis Types (3) Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid, Gout.
Osteoarthritis Cartilage softens and wears down.
Rheumatoid Autoimmune disorder where body's immune system attempts to destroy its own tissues.
Gout Where uric acid accumulates and deposits sharp crystals in the soft tissues of joints.
Uric Acid Waste product of metabolism.
Hyperuricemia Gout.
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