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chap.25-28 Asia


the founder of Buddhism Siddhartha Guatama
a series of rulers from the same family dynasty
a desset in northern China Gobi Dessert
a Muslim ruler Sultan
seasonal winds, especially in South Asia Monsoon
the separation of India Partition
a water source sacred to Hindus (located in India) Ganges River
a group of islands Archipelago
a polytheistic religion Hinduism
a month-long period of fasting practiced by Muslims Ramadan
a landmass that is like a continent, only smaller subcontinet
the year China's Dynasties ended 1911
South Asia's oldest civilizations Indus Valley Civilization
in what present day nation is the Indus River located Pakistan
which country built a colonial empire after they built trading post in South Asia England
a chain of volcanoes that lines the Pacific Rim Ring of Fire
several wars have been fought over this region between India and Pakistan Kashmir
Dravidian Hindus who settled in Sri Lanka Tamils
an agricultural method that uses higher yielding grain and new farming methods Green Revolution
landform bordering northern India Himalaya Mountains
an ancient fortification In China Great Wall
a social system of social classes Caste System
people who start a business Entrepreneur
Indo-Arayans who settled in Sri Lanka Sinhalese
farm lands with rich soil deposits Alluvial Plain
a violent storm with fierce winds and heavy rain common in South Asia cyclone
Muslim Empire that ruled much of India by 1500s Mughal Empire
this person led the communist party in China from 1947 to 1976 Mao Zedong
This person led nonviolent demonstrations to gain India's independence Mohandas Ghandi
the year Indial gained independence from British 1947
After gaining independence, India's became divided due to these two religions Hindu and Islam
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