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All the vocab 4 science in the 3rd and 4th quarterita

What is sexual reproduction A type of reproduction in which the genetic materials from 2 different cells combine, producing an offspring
What is an egg Female sex cell
What is a sperm Male sex cell
What is fertilization egg and sperm cell join together
What is a zygote the new cell that forms from fertilization
What is diploid cells cells that have pairs of chromosomes
What is homologous chromosomes Pairs of Chromosomes that have genes for the same traits arranged in the same order
What is haploid cells cells that only have one chrosome from each pair
What is Meiosis One diploid cell divides and makes 4 haploid cells
What is Asexual reproduction One parent organism produces offspring without meiosis and fertilization
What is fissiom cell division in prokaryotes that forms two genetically identical cells
What is Budding A new organism grows by mitosis and cell division on the body of its parent
What is Regeneration offspring grows from a piece of its parent
What is Vegatitive Reproduction asexual reproduction in which offspring grow from a part of a parent plant
What is Cloning Asexual reproduction preformed in a lab that roduces identical individuals
What is Heredity the passing of traits from parent to offspring
What is Genetics the study of how traits are passed from parents to offspring
What is a Dominant Trait A genetic factor that blocks another genetic factor
What is a Recissive Trait a genetic factor that is blocked by the presence of a dominaant factor
What is a Gene a section on a chrosome that has genetic information for one trait
What is a Alelle The different forms of a gene
What is a Phenotype how a trait appears
What is a Genotype 2 alleles that control a phenotype of a trait
What is a Hozogygous When 2 alleles of a gene are the same, its genotype is homozygous
What is a Heterozygous 2 Alleles of a gene are different
What is a Punnett Square A model used to predict all the possible genotypes and phenotypes of an offspring
What is Inconplete Dominance The offsprings phenotype is a combination of the parents phenotype
What is Codominance When both of the alleles can be observed in a phenoype
What is Polygenic Inheritance thus occurs when multiple genes determine the phenotype of a trait
What is DNA An organisms genetic material
What is a Nucleotide A molecule made in a nitrogen base
What is Replication thus be the process of copying one DNA molecle to make another DNA molecule
What is RNA a type of nucleic acid that carries the code for making protiens from the nucleus to the cytoplasm
What is Transcription making mRNA from DNA
What is Translation the process form making a protien from RNA
What is Mutation a change of a nucleotide sequence of a gene
What is the Fossil Record Made up of all the fossils on earth
What is a Mold the impression of an organism in a rock
What is a Cast a fossil copy of an organism in a rock
What is a Trace Fossil the preserved evidence of the activity of an organism
What is The Geologic Time Scale a chart that divides earths history into different time units
What is Extinction the last organism of a species dies
What is Biological Evolution the change over time in populations of related organisms
What is a Naturalist a person who studies plants and animals by observing them
What is a Variation a slight difference in an inherited trait of individual members of a species
What is Natural selection thusbeman the process by which populations of organisms with variations that help them survive in their environments live longer, compete better, and reproduce more than those who do not have the variations
What is Adaptation AN inherited trait that increases the organisms chance of surviving and reproducing in its environment
What is Camoflauge enables species to blend in with its environemnt
What is Mimicry The resemblence of one species to another
What is Selective Breeding the breeding of organisms for desired charectirestics
What is Comparitive Anatomy the study of similatiries and differeces among all living things
What is Homolougous Structures body parts of organisms that are similar in structure and position but different in function
What is Analougous Structures body parts that differ in structure but are similar functionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnie
What is Vestigial Structures body parts that have lost their original function due to evolution
What is Embryology The science of the development of embryos from fertilization to birth
What is Bacteria microscopic prokaryotes
What is Flagella Many bacteria have long whiplike structures- these are flagella
What is Fission Cell division that forms two genitically identical cells
What is Conjugation two bacteria of the same species attatch to eachother and combine genetic material
What is An Endospore forms when a bacterium forms a thick internal wall around its chromosome and part of the cytoplasm
What is Decomposition the breaking down of dead organisms and organic waste
What is Nitrogen Fixation the conversion of atmospheric nitrogen into nitrogen compounds that are usbale by living things
What is Bioremediation the use of organisms, such as bacteria, to clean up environmental pollution
What is Pathogens agents that cause disease
What is Antibiotics medicines that stoop the growth and rperoduction of bacteria
What is Pasteurization heating food to kill harmful bacteriaikaiaiifnsa
What is a Virus a strand or DNA/RNA surrounded by a layer of protien that can infect and replicate a host cell
What is an Antibody a protien that can attatch to a pathogen to make it useless
What is a Vaccine A mixture containing stuff from a deactivated virus
What is a Protist a member of a group of eukaryotic organisms, which have a membrane bound nucleus
What is Algae plantlike protists that produe food thru photosynthesis using light,, energy, and carboon dioxide
What is a Diatom a type of microscopic plantlike protist with a hard outer wall
What is a Protozoan Protists that resemble tiny animals
What is a Cilia short, hairlike structures that grow on the surface of some protists
What is a Parameium a protist with two types of nuclei and cilia
What is an Amoeba one common sarcodine with an unusual adaptation for movement and getting nutrients
What is a Pseudopod A false foot that froms as the organism pushes part of its body forward
What is Hyphae absorb minerals and water- form long, threadlike structurees
What is Mycelium The network of Hyphae
Purple Packet is the rest of the terms
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