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Relationships Poems

Valentine Irregular rhythm, metaphors for love, forceful language, powerful emotions, repetition, importance of honesty.
Rubbish at Adultery Strong upbeat rhythm, creates contrast, humour, questions, enjambment to create pace, ceasura, anger at end.
Sonnet 116 Love doesn't change, powerful metaphors for love, sonnet form.
Our Love Now Structure of two sides of argument, enjambment=flow of throughts, metaphors throughout.
Even Tho Free form, lack of punctuation, metaphor to show feelings, happiness and independent people.
Kissing Opposite stanzas, positive imagery of youth, negative of old. Enjambment shows thought process.
One Flesh Description of an image, metaphor, enjambment shows continuous thought, death of passion.
Song for Last Year's Wife Strong sadness, loss, enjambment= thoughts, miserable imagery.
My Last Duchess Elaborate language, continuous prose like a story, hidden serious issues, powerful narrator.
Pity me not because the light of day Don't pity me for the end of a relationship but because I haven't got over it. Continuous prose, lots of metaphor.
The Habit of Light Simplistic language, ceasura pauses ideas, can be seen as metaphor.
Nettles Love between father and child, rhyme scheme makes poem simple, strength of emotions contrasts simple ideas.
At the border, 1979 Childlike viewpoint, comments on visual aspects, suggestion of more complex issues, sensory imagery.
Lines to my Grandfathers Simple comparison, builds up a life story, enjambment shows thought process, divided into two, different aspects of grandfathers described.
04/01/07 Powerful use of imagery and language, describes a snapshot in time, ceasura to stop and think, very emotive.
Created by: jenglover