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Asethic relating or pertaining to a sense of beauty or art
Aloof apart;indifferent
Archaico antiquated,old out of use
Assuage to ease,to mitigate,to make less painful or burdensome,to calm
Belie to contradict, to give a false impression
Contentious quarrelsome,strring controversy
Daunt to intimidate,to dismay
Debilitate to weaken,to enfeeble
Discord lack of agreement,tension,strife
Dissemination the act of spreading widely;scattering
Dogmatic strongly opinionated in an unwarranted manner
Duplicity double-dealing, hypocrisy
Egocentric self-ceneterd,selfish
Euphemism substitution of an inoffensive term for one that is offensive
Gluttonous greedy for food and drink
Mundane ordinary,commomplace
Ominous threating
Petulance unreasonable touchiness or irritability
Pompous exaggerated show dignity or self-importance,bombastic
Precocious expectionally early in development or occurence
Slothful lazy,indolent
Trivia insignificant matters
Verbose wordy,very talkative
Virulent extermely poisionous;hateful
Volatile quickly changeable,easily vaporized
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