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vocb #7

Abhor to regard with extereme repungance;to detest utterly;to loathe
Accolade praise,an award
ASectic one who leads a life of self-denial and contemplation;absent in luxury
Bequeath to hand down,to give or leave in a will
Charlatan one who claims to know something that he does not,a quack
Conflagration a large fire
Dearth a lack, a scarcity
Diffidence shyness,reserve,unassertiveness
Effervescent showing high spirt
Ethereal heavenly,unusally delicate,light,lacking material substance,intangible
Expunge to remove,to erase
Guile deceitfulness,duplicity
Implausible not believeable
Incongruity nonconformity,disagreement,incompatibility
Insularuty qualities of an island;narrow-mindedness of opinion
Morsoe being sullen or gloomy
Placate to appease or to pacify by making concession
Poigaatnt piercing,incisive,and keen
Provincial lacking sophistication,narrrow-minded
Reiterate to repeat
Spontaneous having no external cause,acting impulse
Synthesis combing parts into a whole
Toxic poisonous
Vigilant very alert,watchful
Voluble ability to use words easily,fluent and glib
Created by: Jaquana96